Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Kitchen Tool Review: Non Stick Egg Rings

I wanted to make homemade breakfast sandwiches that I could just grab in the mornings and take with me.  The problem I was having was cooking the eggs uniformly.  Blaine being the awesome husband that he is bought me the above.  They're fantastic!  They're non-stick and the perfect size to cook my eggs.  They are very versatile and have other functions - biscuit cutter, mini pie crust cutter, mini pancakes, etc.  They're dishwasher safe and clean easily.  I love new kitchen tools!


Erika said...

Cool! I was wondering how you got the eggs in your breakfast sandwich picture so perfect. Do you just place these on the frying pan and then crack the egg into them? Nifty!

Millie Motts said...

And I was wondering if these really worked! I might just have to get some.