Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Grilling Pan Review

I've been trying to adapt recipes that we love to healthier versions.  We LOVE Zucchini in every form, especially fried.  I've tried "Oven Fried" items in the past, but the bottoms always come out soggy.  That's a definite FAIL in our household.  About 2 months ago we spotted a grilling pan at the Grocery Store that we decided to try for Zucchini Spears.  It's oven safe, non-stick, dishwasher safe and my new favorite kitchen tool! 

It has two handles, a lip that goes around 3 sides to keep things from sliding off, and a flat front for easy flipping.  There are holes throughout the bottom to let air/heat circulate. The holes are small enough that you don't have to worry about food falling through like on the slats of grills/racks or broiler pans.  The spears came out crisp uniformly without any flipping and ZERO sogginess.  Score! 

Last week we made homemade french fries from Yukon Gold's.  They were even better baked!  Bottom line - this thing rocks and has made my desire to no longer fry foods a seamless transition.

I will upload photos once I remember to take them.  For now, here's one I found online.  (Ours has a black non-stick coating.)


Erika said...

Super cool! That sounds like a great toy.

Erika said...
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