Monday, April 26, 2010

Cooking Query--coffee substitute

Hi All!

I have a recipe for chocolate cake that uses "1 cup of hot strong coffee." I (obviously) don't want to use coffee, but don't know what to use as a substitute. Any ideas?



Laney said...

I looked around and found some interesting substitutes:
-Raspberry Syrup
-Herbal Tea (flavors that compliment whatever kind of cake you're making)
-Flavored waters (add extracts & herbs/spices to it)
-Flavored Creamers -- this one I thought was interesting, but might change the consistency because of it's composition.
-chocolate milk

The spices & flavored waters are intriguing to me. One of the blogs I saw had hot water with cardamom or cinnamon, etc. with it. Let me know what you end up using and how it turns out. Hopefully this helps!

Erika said...

Gina also recommended mixing the hot water and cocoa powder to make a syrup or using hot chocolate.

Kim Allgood said...

I use "Pero"- it is made from wheat or chicory root- I can't remember which one. But, you can find it by the coffee and tea but there is no caffeine in it! I use that in my cakes that call for it. I make it really strong! Good luck! (It tastes exactly the same as coffee- being non lds for the first 18 years of my life- I know the comparison.;-)

Laney said...

What a brilliant idea! I never thought of that. Postum would probably work too. You're so smart! I LOVE Pero but it's hard to find.